Women’s Journeying Circle

amanda clark - goddess

“Women’s Journeying Circle”

1st Thursday of the month 6pm – 7:45pm

By conference call

By Donation
RSVP Required
This circle is for women/those who identify as a woman and will include a journey to a Compassionate Goddess to receive the guidance and healing you most need now.

Circle Pre-Requisites:
  • Prior journeying experience.
  • A reliable phone connection.
  • The ability to call long distance and to mute the call on your end (most cell phones and cordless landline phones have this option).
  • A space inside or outside where you can maintain your focus comfortably and journey on your own where you won’t be disturbed.
  • A notebook or journal to take notes after your journey.
  • An eye covering (scarves and bandanas work great).
Submit your RSVP to heather@hearthoftheheart.org

Further details including preparation, what to have with you, conference call access info, and how to submit a donation, will be sent to those who’ve RSVP’d prior to the event.