Death, Dying & Psychopomp

Friday, January 14th – Sunday, January 16th

Fri 10:30am – 1:30pm, Sat & Sun 10:30am – 4:30pm PST

Location: Zoom

Cost: $325 – $375 self-determined sliding scale

Prior journeying experience required

Space is limited to 6 participants – Pre-registration with payment required

In this 3 day highly experiential workshop we’ll explore death, dying and delve into various aspects of what is known in Shamanic terms as Psychopomp work. Psychopomp is a Greek word meaning “conductor of souls”. As a participant you are invited to explore your own relationship to death & dying, giving you an opportunity to face any fears you have regarding death and gain a deeper perspective on what a transitioning soul faces at the time of death as well as how to work compassionately with those who are dying and those souls who have passed who need assistance finding their way home.

  • Learn how to work in partnership with compassionate helping spirits and psychopomp beings to safely and effectively assist the dying and deceased in crossing over to the afterlife.
  • Explore ways to support those who are transitioning in reconciling their lives and in finding clear passageways to the other side, including how to support those who have different spiritual beliefs.
  • Cultivate a relationship with Death as an ally and learn how to work with ritual and ceremony to release fear, grief and give thought forms, beliefs, and attitudes an honorable death.
  • Learn how to practice good boundaries in this work.
  • Explore soul agreements you may have made regarding this work and gain clarity on how to integrate this work into your life and/or practice in a way that supports balance and well-being.

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I reserve the right to cancel the participation of any student at any time. In such cases fees paid in advance will be refunded.


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