Emotional Energy Clearing

heart tree Shawna ErbackEmotional Energy Clearing is a powerful practice that releases emotional triggers, blocks, and entanglements that often reflect our childhood and/or past life wounds so that we can respond to life as a mature Adult and stop repeating old issues and patterns in our lives. This practice has proven to be invaluable on my personal healing journey and been deeply supportive in cultivating emotional wellness and all-around well-being. Imagine that instead of over-reacting or under-responding (withdrawing) to the many curve balls we encounter in our daily lives being able to move freely through your day with power, passion, and presence!

This energy clearing practice not only teaches a person how to deepen their relationship with their own inner healer, but it also teaches you how to work within your inner landscape to assess and address emotional imbalances at their origin. Clearing triggers at their origin frees us from those charges that create disharmony in our relationship with Self and others and supports us in naturally creating healthy boundaries. No journeying experience is necessary.

Emotional Energy Clearing sessions take place remotely by phone or in person. The focus of a client’s first clearing session includes getting you acquainted with the process and introducing you to your inner healer. From there we can begin to clear on any number of triggers. For example, if you experience chronic anxiety then we would work with the clearing practice to identify the origin of your anxiety.

Clearing sessions typically last from 30 minutes and can go as long as 2 hours depending on the clearing. We begin with an invocation to call in the directions, a grounding meditation and then move into the clearing practice itself.

Monetary investment for an Emotional Energy Clearing Session:

Phone Session …… $65-$95 self-determined sliding scale.

In-Person Session….. $125-$150 self-determined sliding scale.

If you’d like to schedule an Emotional Clearing Session please complete the contact form below or contact me directly 707-397-0018 theyewtree@gmail.com with your interest. Please allow 4-5 business days to receive my reply.