Fire Release Ceremony

fire release.jpg

Friday, October 25th

6pm – 8:30pm

Eel River Holistic’s Healing House – Redway, CA

In this 2 1/2 hour ceremony we come together individually and collectively to witness and be witnessed as we work with the Spirit of Fire and the potency of the New Moon to release and let go!

What in your life is ready to be transformed? What are you ready to be free from? Is there some aspect of yourself that you are truly ready to let go of? May it be heard, felt, expressed and laid to rest in the arms of the Fire.

Are you ready to mark your transformation, give it life and power? May it be seen, embodied and carried forth!

Monetary Investment $25, RSVP Required, space accommodates up to 9 participants. Ages 13 & up. Contact me directly to reserve your spot call/text (707) 397-0018 and include your email address for further details.