Introduction to Mediumship

Sunday, February 5th 11am – 5:30pm PST

Location: *Zoom

*Recording will be made available until March 5th to enrolled participants

Cost: $125-$145 self-determined sliding scale

Space is limited – Pre-registration with payment required

If you are a Highly Sensitive Person, Healer, speak with the Dead or other Spirits, and/or work with Reiki energy, you are most likely practicing Mediumship in some form or another. If you want to learn experientially how to receive guidance and healing, how to communicate with your house, animals, soul parts, spirit guides, the tarot, and more, create a safe container with clear and concise boundaries, and learn how to set up a template for efficiency, then this Mediumship workshop may be just the class for you! 

There is a huge misconception that Medium is a title only used to describe those who communicate with the dead, however, a Medium is quite simply someone who brings or “channels” energy from the unseen realms onto the Earth plane. It’s up to the Medium to discern what and/or whom they channel.

Many of us are mediumistic without an awareness, context, or structure in which to hone and create boundaries around these gifts.

Mediumship is an ancient and reliable practice that enables us to speak with our Spirit Guides, Deities, Plants, Trees, etc. without needing to journey directly to them. When done well, we’re able to establish clear communication, receive insight, deliver healing, deepen our spiritual connections, and more.

In this workshop we’ll explore:

  • The four main types of Mediumship.
  • Opening and closing practices, including how to create a template for simplified practice.
  • How to exercise discernment, develop clear boundaries when having “conversations”, and how to incorporate clear boundaries when working with the Spirit World in general.
  • Meeting a Helping Spirit whose primary role is to support you in holding a container for Mediumship work.
  • Different methods and techniques to identify and hone your abilities.

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