Land, House & Space Healing

In a Land, house, and/or space session we’re looking at what’s needed to restore balance and harmony in and around the spaces where you live, work, or otherwise occupy in some way. I achieve this by establishing communication with the land and by working in partnership with my helping spirits to assess and address the origin of imbalance.

The land, your home or office takes on the energetic impressions from all that happens in your life as well as all that happened centuries ago. All of these present and past memories and events may be significantly affecting you and your life.

Some reasons you may want to consider a land session:

  • You recently moved into a new home or are moving into a new home.
  • You’re selling or renting a home.
  • You’re wanting to modify your home, office and/or outbuildings.
  • You’re preparing to begin new construction on the property.
  • You’re wanting to modify the landscape in some way. This includes, tree removal and creating gardening space.
  • You or others have had unhappy or traumatic experiences in the space.
  • There have been difficult &/or traumatic events that have happened on the land &/or in the dwellings including violence, intense emotions, fires, floods and damage caused by other natural and/or un-natural sources.

Some symptoms of imbalances that may be present are:

  • Items frequently going missing or get moved without explanation.
  • The atmosphere is feeling heavy or uneasy and/or you have a sudden change in mood in or around your dwellings, out buildings or certain areas of the land where you live or work.
  • You feel discomfort in any of the rooms in your house.
  • A lack of vital energy on the land, such as the land feeling “dead” and/or difficultly growing plants and trees.
  • Overgrowth of what are commonly considered “invasive” plant species such as Poison Oak, Pompous Grass, Scotch Broom.
  • Paranormal activity and/or a feeling of being watched.
  • You find it difficult to complete projects on the land.
  • Your dwelling and/or outbuildings despite your best efforts seem to need constant repair.
  • Your electronic devices or appliances regularly break down and need repair.

In general Land, House & Space Clearing may take many forms depending on the situation. Often times space clearing is as much about mediation between the humans and spirits who reside in the space as it is about clearing negative energy, facilitating healing for the land, and blessing the property. For example, a person may have their own ideas of what they want their space and the landscape to look and feel like, however, most people haven’t considered that the spirit guardians of the land, dwellings, and other helping spirits that co-exist with them deeply care about the space and know how to restore balance to the space. Consider having a relationship with another person and not being permitted to speak and their needs always being at the forefront, it’s easy to see how this kind of relationship would be dysfunctional. However, consider the quality of relationship you could have if you were both able to have a conversation and communicate your needs, wants, and desires and come to a mutual understanding. In my work, I consider the needs of all parties offering sovereignty to the land and the humans who are in a relationship with the land.

Some examples of how imbalances may be addressed:

  • Returning Soul and/or Power to the Land.
  • Clearing negative energy and trauma.
  • Re-routing vortexes and portals where spirits come and go.
  • Compassionately assisting both human and non-human discarnate beings in finding their way home.
  • Offering remembrance to the land of what the energy was like before trauma took place.
  • Blessings fields to raise the vibration.
  • and more…

Long Distance Land, House, and Space Healing Sessions

90-120 minutes ……. $250 

We’ll take 15 minutes or so to discuss and clarify your intention, then I take the journey to facilitate the work and narrate the details aloud to you. There’s often time before we close for you to ask follow-up questions if you have them.

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Schedule Phone Session

Phone Consultation 30 minutes ……. $35

If you have questions, want to talk in more detail before booking, or are unsure of whether you’d like to book a session, I offer 30-minute consultations by appointment.

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