Long Distance Healing Circle

Gaia-Katherine-SkaggsRoots without Borders long distance Inter-Community Healing Circle is composed of members from various areas of the country. Roots symbolize strength and connection, they ground us into our work and offer us the opportunity to expand and grow into an inter-connected community regardless of our geographical locations.

Members of RWOB share a love of and for the land and share a common goal of putting aside any personal agendas to facilitate healing for the land and our communities with the support of our helping spirits, guides and allies. We work together from near and far remotely once a month by conference call and conduct our healing work solo in a quiet undisturbed space of our choosing simultaneously (at the same time) from our individual locals.

How do I learn more about joining RWOB Healing for the Land?

Please email Heather O’Connell at theyewtree@gmail.com with a brief description of your background, including any shamanic training, healing modalities you’ve been trained in and/or practice regularly and a general sense of your meditation/journeying experience. Please note you do not need to be a shamanic practitioner or consider yourself a healer to join this circle, however the circle is held and facilitated from a shamanic perspective in that we’ll enter an altered/trance state to do our work with the intention of restoring balance and allowing our helping spirits, guides and allies to work through us to determine what is needed as opposed to facilitating what we think or feel is needed. As such having a personal working relationship with a power animal or spirit helper, a way to comfortably meditate/journey on your own with them free of interruptions and a commitment to shelve any personal agendas are requirements. This is an opportunity for each of us to learn, grow and deepen our relations with Spirit, our ancestors, the land, eachother and beyond.