Long Distance Transfiguration Circle


During these times of deep change within ourselves, our communities and beyond many of us are wondering how can we transcend suffering and create a better and brighter world? Transfiguration practices heal toxicity and help us remember the power each of us holds to create positive change.

Roots without Borders Long Distance Transfiguration Circle is composed of members from various areas of the country. Roots symbolize strength and connection, they ground us into our work and offer us the opportunity to expand and grow into an inter-connected community regardless of our geographical locations.

Members of RWOB share a love of and for the land and share a common goal of putting aside any personal agendas to facilitate healing for the land and our communities. We work together from near and far remotely once a month by conference call and conduct our Transfiguration collectively in a quiet undisturbed space of our choosing simultaneously (at the same time) from our individual locals.

What is Transfiguration?

Transfiguration literally means shapeshifting. In this process we can become pure light. When we shine our light into the world this energy creates transformation. The practice of transfiguration moves our awareness from the ego and perceived separateness into the truth of our unity with all of creation and attunes us to healing energies. When we see ourselves, each other and all that is around us in divine perfection we’re able to heal toxic energies and trauma by transfiguring them into pure light and love.

Are there any pre-requisites to join RWOB’s Long Distance Transfiguration Circle?

No, anyone is welcome to join and no experience is necessary. We work with the practice of concentration, imagination and visualization.

How do I join RWOB’s Long Distance Transfiguration Circle?

Please email Heather O’Connell at theyewtree@gmail.com with your interest.