Whether you are awakening to your spiritual path and unique gifts, are gathering experience and information, are a weathered and seasoned traveler, are a practitioner, teacher, or are seeking support with growing a project or business I offer personalized Mentorship sessions to support you in meeting your intentions and goals.

As your Mentor, my Helping Spirits and I are here to engage and support you in identifying, addressing, and manifesting what’s needed for you to thrive in the way that is the best fit for you and your process.

If you are fully committed to finding answers, sourcing what the next steps are, and making the changes needed to support forward growth then you are in the right place.

In a Mentorship session, we may explore any of the following themes:

  • Your goals, challenges, and how to create a map for growth.
  • How to form clear intentions, clarify your needs, goals, and desires.
  • Identifying the source of entanglements, blocks, or resistance and the resources to clear them.
  • Exploring how the current layout of your life or business is or isn’t supporting your personal growth and well-being and what changes can or need to be made to support overall transformation and growth.
  • How to communicate with the Spirit world to receive guidance and healing.
  • Forming harmonious partnerships with the Spirit of Place where you live and/or work as a means of understanding where and how a geographical area can support you in your growth and expansion.
  • Meeting a Power Animal/Guardian Spirit or a specific Helping Spirit that can best support you in your area of interest.
  • Being in Relationship (how to cultivate and deepen your relations with the natural world and your helping spirits).
  • Divination (forming questions to journey on, finding lost objects, and receiving guidance to support you in making informed decisions about your life).
  • Learning about the gifts, strengths, and talents that come from your Ancestral lines.
  • Meeting Ancestral Helping Spirits and learning how to journey with them.
  • Soul Remembering (Remembering what adventures you signed up for in this life).
  • Soul and/or Power Recovery; Guiding you thru meditation to recover soul essence/vitality and/or power you may have lost, given, or hidden.
  • Emotional Energy Clearing
  • Personalized drum journeys, rituals, and ceremonies for release and transformation
  • Boundaries and Protection
  • Discernment
  • Plant Spirit Wisdom
  • and more…

Disclaimer: Should it become apparent through our exploration that more in-depth healing is needed for yourself or your business, such as clearing complex blocks or patterns, Ancestral healing, or addressing other forms of healing work. These are beyond the scope of a Mentorship Session and are more appropriate for Healing Sessions.


Phone Consultation

35 minutes ……… $35

If you are curious how a Mentorship Session may support you and/or your business or want to see if we’re a good fit before booking, you are welcome to book a 30-minute phone consultation.

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120 minute Mentorship Session …. $250

If this will be our first time working together, you have a complex subject you are wanting to work on, or a particular subject you want to learn about I suggest scheduling a 120-minute session.

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90 minute Mentorship Session …. $175

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Package of Three 90 minute Mentorship Sessions … $450

The package offers a total discount of $75. Once we are 72 hours or less from the first appointment in your package your payment and the remaining sessions are non-refundable and non-transferable. Click on the button below and you will be redirected to pay for the package in full and able to book your first session, once your session is booked you will be provided with a coupon code to use when booking the remaining sessions in your package. 

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