Plant Spirit Journey with Rose

Sunday, January 8th

Women’s Journey with Rose

with Special Guest Sound Practitioner Sara Bassindale

2:30pm – 4:30pm

Location: Private Residence Albion, CA

Cost: $45 

Space is limited to 9 participants

Plants have been supporting humankind for hundreds of thousands of years. They’ve been patiently waiting to share their wealth of wisdom and healing with you… are you ready to listen and receive?

Rose has been on Earth for more than 35 million years, and in relationship with humans for 5000 years. It’s no wonder she is a common friend and known as an amazing teacher when it comes to the cycles of life and death, self-care, boundaries, forgiveness, softness, and the feminine.

Whether you feel a deep closeness to Rose or are simply curious about her, imagine sitting at the feet of an ancient Grandmother who wants nothing but the best for you and your heart.

Rose tea will be provided, you are also encouraged/welcome to bring your crafted Rose brew to share as well. We will end the afternoon with an optional potluck.

Remember her thorns: Fasting from food and beverages aside from water or rose tea for 6 hours prior to participation and breaking fast during the potluck is suggested and optional. A fast serves both as an offering to Rose, as well as an act of making space for her spirit to merge with you.

Prior journeying experience recommended.

Contact Heather via email or call (707) 397-0018 be sure to leave your name and email address with your voice message AND submit your payment using one of the payment options below to reserve your spot. Please review our payment terms here.

Full details including preparation, what to have with you, address & directions, will be sent to those who’ve RSVP’d a few days before we gather.
Payment Options:
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