What is a Shamanic Drum Journey?

Shamanic journey drumThe shamanic drum journey is one of the oldest spiritual practices for understanding the world of spirit and energy. It has been the foundation of spiritual and healing practices for a vast number of cultures for thousands of years. When we set an intention, invoke sacred space, make ourselves still and comfortable with a cloth over our eyes and listen to the steady beat of a drum, our brain waves shift from the alpha to the theta state. In this practice we enter into a light, aware trance. Our personal experience of this state may vary each time we journey. One may experience vivid sensations, sounds, colors while another may have technicolor visions much like watching a movie. As individuals we discover which of our senses are heightened in this state – sight, hearing, sensation, even smell. All our sensory experiences that take place in a shamanic journey have meaning. Our experiences offer messages which we can then decipher in order to understand our own communicative abilities, personal symbolism and our relationship to all that is. We may journey to any of the 3 worlds (Lower, Upper, Middle) to meet and communicate with the Helping Spirits that reside in the other realms. We may seek out Power Animals or Spirit Guides, Ancestors, Angels, Plants and the Elements to ask them questions about medicine, life, events or ourselves in relation to our lives. We may journey to meet the Spirit that resides in a drum, rattle or new tool that has decided to enter our lives.