Payments & Terms


Payment methods for classes and events are provided at the bottom of the page…

Classes, Circles, Workshops, Long-Term Programs/Apprenticeships, and all other events:
Payments for classes, circles, workshops, long-term programs/apprenticeships, and all other events are non-refundable, non-transferable, and are due prior to the start of the event unless you’ve made other arrangements with me prior. Please ensure you are fully committed before enrolling in an event. Enrolling in an event is a commitment to yourself and to the Spirits who empower the work. The more I hold that container, the more opportunity there is for your growth, healing, transformation, and for you to deepen your spiritual relations and practice in the places where it’s needed most.

Sessions, Readings, and all other services:
Payment is due upon booking (if you do not have a means of paying electronically, and would need to send your payment via snail mail, please contact me directly for booking). If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment I require a minimum of 72 hours advance notice. If you give less than 72 hours notice, are no show, or are more than 15 minutes late, your appointment will be canceled and payment forfeited. Once an appointment is booked your intention has been put into motion, in other words, you’ve entered the preparation process and it’s not uncommon to notice changes in your health in the days or weeks leading up to your appointment.

General Terms:
Corresponding with me via telephone, text, and email is for logistical questions, feedback, and brief reflections about a session or course. Should you want or need support unpacking, processing, and/or integrating an experience you had in a session, reading, class, or other event, thank you for booking a 30-minute Phone Consultation or 60-minute Clinic Session appointment.

I reserve the right to decline service and/or to cancel the participation of anyone at any time. In such cases, fees paid in advance will be refunded.

All interactions which take place in the setting of a private session or event are considered confidential. This includes requests by telephone, or email, all interactions with myself and/or Hearth of the Heart’s designated assistants, the information you provided on your intake form, any scheduling or appointment notes, all session, reading, or event content records, and any progress notes that I take. There are two exceptions, one being if you explicitly share with me that you intend to cause physical harm to yourself or others, then I am legally required to report this to the police, and two, there may be times when I consult a colleague about a client, student, or case study. In these circumstances, no personally identifiable information will be used. If I see you in public I will not verify that you are a client or student unless you verify yourself as one first. You may choose to give me permission in writing to release specific information about you to any person or agency that you designate.

In regards to classes, workshops, and all other events I require that every participant keep any information shared during an event by another participant confidential. Should I become aware that a participant has shared personal details about someone else in the group, outside of the event container, they will no longer be permitted to attend Hearth of the Heart events. period…

All information, recordings, and/or material shared by myself or my affiliates in a class, or other events, and/or on a password-protected class forum, are proprietary and are not to be distributed or shared without my written consent. The exception being materials, handouts, etc made available on my website under the Resources tab. These resource materials are copyrighted and are intended to be accessed freely by those who would benefit from their content. On occasion, when a client requests and my Helping Spirits agree, I will provide a recording of a private session or reading. These recordings are available for 30 days after the date of the appointment and during that time are the property of the client, can be shared only by and at the discretion of the client with whomever they wish. After 30 days recordings are permanently deleted for storage purposes. 

Payment Methods

Be sure to include your name and a description with your payment.


Venmo @hearthoftheheart (phone verification #6330)

Snail Mail payable to (send with and email me tracking information as your proof of payment

Heather O’Connell

PO Box 2564

McKinleyville, CA 95519