Introduction to Plant Spirit Wisdom


Available by Recording Only

Plants have been supporting humankind for hundreds of thousands of years. They’ve been patiently waiting to share their wealth of wisdom and healing with you… are you ready to listen and receive?

This highly experiential 4 class series offers an introduction to plant communication, energetics (the energetic medicinal properties of plants), and approaches to working with plant spirits including how to use the practice of drum journeying and meditation to establish a direct line of communication with the plants themselves for guidance, healing, and enhanced connection.

Prior journeying experience recommended

This class is a pre-requisite for Advanced Plant Spirit Wisdom

Each class will be is available by recording via an online class forum

Registration by donation

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Venmo: @hearthoftheheart (phone number verification 6330)

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Cash/Check/Money Order by Mail: Heather O’Connell PO Box 2564 McKinleyville, CA 95519

Donation amounts are self-determined. My intention is for this course to be available to those who feel it would enrich their life in some way regardless of their financial circumstances. You’re welcome to send your donation as a lump sum or send any amount to register and installments at any time. Again whatever suits your budget and comes from your heart is perfect. 

Some folks have inquired about what a suggested donation would be. The course is compiled of 4 – 2 1/2 classes with an online class forum where recordings and class material is made available. If I were to place a value on the series by recording only it would be in the ball park of $65-$85. You’re welcome to donate less or more depending on your means. Honestly, if what you can afford is $25 for the series then donate $25 and pay it forward in some other way. Plant a garden, help a friend, pick up trash, build an altar in and for the forest. You get the idea 😉