Private Journeying Sessions

Shamanic journey drumThe practice of journeying is a tool dating back hundreds of thousands of years that has supported humans in establishing a direct line of communication with the spirit world for guidance, healing, and to maintain balance with, as well as support the deepening of relations with the natural world. If we go back far enough we all have Ancestors who used some form of entering an altered state of consciousness to communicate with the spirit of the Animals, Land, Plants, Ancestors, Elements, Dieties, and more to learn how to live in balance and harmony with self, community, and the environment.

Some themes we may explore in a one on one or small group private session depending on your journeying experience and intentions are:

  • Meeting a primary Spirit Guide or specific Spirit Guide that can best support you in your area of interest.
  • Being in Relationship (how to cultivate and deepen your relations with the natural world and your helping spirits)
  • Divination (forming questions to journey on, finding lost objects, and receiving guidance to support you in making informed decisions about your life)
  • Learning about the gifts, strengths, and talents that come from your Ancestral lines.
  • Meeting Ancestral Helping Spirits and learning how to journey with them.
  • Soul Remembering (Remembering what adventures you signed up for in this life)
  • Soul Recovery (Recovering soul essence you may have left behind due to trauma)
  • Actual Energy Clearing
  • Journeys, rituals, and ceremonies for release and transformation
  • Boundaries and Protection
  • Discernment
  • Plant Spirit Wisdom
  • and more…

I often get asked the question “How do I know this is real?” or “How do I know this is working?” and the answer is you don’t, well at least you don’t at first. As you practice more and more you will receive validation for the information you receive in your journeys. Our helping spirits are here to work with us and support us on our path, they do not harbor judgment or expectation and journeying is a reliable means of communicating and working with them.  Of course, it’s a choice on our part to continue to honor and build upon our relationship with our helping spirits.

“If deer stayed with her in years to come, then his power would increase and enrich her life story. If deer was not her medicine, then she would gradually forget, neglecting to pay him honor and respect or to pray for his children. The sound of his inner voice would be drowned by the noise of her everyday life and the roaring of its traffic.” – “The Roaring of the Sacred River”, By Steven Foster & Meredith Little

As much as I can explain what you can expect in a session, please take into consideration that I work in partnership with my helping spirits to receive guidance on the material we’ll explore in your session.

Learning to journey is not a quick fix to any distress you may be experiencing in your life. It’s a tool that you work with over time to explore your authentic nature and personal power through communication and working in partnership with your personal helping spirits and spirit guides. If you’re in distress or crisis, I invite you to consider an *”Assessment Journey” to explore what the best course of action may be to get you back on track. *Scroll down to the bottom of the Healing Session page for Assessment Journey info.

Journeying Session Rate 60-90 minutes ...… $125

If finances are a consideration I also offer Clinic Sessions.

Small group private session rates are subject to group size and location.

Please complete the contact form below or contact me by phone (707) 397-0018 if you’d like to explore booking a session. Please allow 4-5 business days for me to reply to your inquiry.