Divination Readings (Mediumship)

In a Divination reading, I work in partnership with my Helping Spirits to access guidance on your behalf to help you gain clarity and insight around a subject of interest such as your health, relationships, work, home, etc. so that you can feel inspired to take control and create the life you want.

Divination readings can help many people as they reveal predictions and focus on figuring out the potential outcome(s) you would like to see and what steps you can take to achieve your goals and transform your life. They offer a means of improving your reality and gaining the confidence to do so.

There is no dark magic or hypnosis involved; a Divination reading merely offers you a chance to believe in yourself to live the life you want without fear or doubt. One of the greatest outcomes you can expect from a reading is that you will feel more connected to your authentic energy and have a new sense of clarity and direction. Whether you are an avid fan of readings or a beginner looking to give the experience a go, one thing is for sure: a reading can help you take control of your life.

The Helping Spirits I receive information from on your behalf, are not here to make decisions for you, instead, they offer guidance and insight to aid you in making informed decisions with the larger picture put into perspective. For instance, let’s consider the metaphor of life as a baseball game. Your perspective is from the view of a player on the field and the perspective of the Helping Spirits is from the view of being in the bleachers where they can see the entire field and beyond. In essence, they can see and sense the bigger picture where your view is focused primarily on the field.

Common reasons for seeking Divination are to:

  • Explore and receive clarity around a situation, experience, or relationship. This can be any situation going on in your life that’s relevant to you.
  • Explore the root cause of imbalances, conflict, health concerns, and blocks.
  • Communicating with deceased loved ones.
  • To learn about your unique gifts, talents, strengths, and the adventures you signed up for in this life.
  • To explore past lives and ancestral connections.
  • and more…

I recommend focusing on one area of interest per appointment, whether that focus is relationships, health, career, home, recovering lost items, etc. the choice is yours. Focusing on one area will help to keep the reading clear and grounded. Prior to your appointment, I invite you to get clear on what your desired outcome is, in other words, what do you want to know, learn, or discern in the reading? If you have any questions write them down and/or email them to me the day before your appointment.

Readings are offered by Zoom, Phone, or In-person at my office in Mendocino, CA

60 minutes ……… $125

If you would like to book a reading for a friend or loved one please contact me directly for booking/gift certificate heather@hearthoftheheart.org (707) 397-0018.

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