Journeying Track – Link to stream/download track that includes a grounding meditation, guided portal & 12 minutes of drumming. You don’t need a DropBox account to access the file, just x out of the sign in window. Track by Heather O’Connell

“Soul Jo51q7ssLcTALurneys: Music for Shamanic Practice”
, Audio CD By Sandra Ingerman, ASIN: B00C9QN208

This CD is a must for me. I use it all the time to Journey on my own with headphones. It includes 8 tracks, including some longer 20-30 minute journeys, it’s also very easy to restart the track at the call back beat if you need more time. There’s tracks for Welcoming Spirits and one or 2 guided journeys for Manifesting your hearts desire & to receive a transmission of a healing. The different tracks offer a diverse range of percussion instruments (Drums, rattles, chimes, etc.) I highly recommend this CD to anyone who Journeys on a regular basis and has difficulty being present for long Journeys performing the percussion themselves.

seeing in the dark

“The Soul Retrieval Journey: Seeing in the Dark”, Audio CD By Sandra Ingerman, ASIN: B0167D9TBO

This is an multi disk Audio CD that explains the basic principles of Soul Retrieval and how it helps us. This audio book also includes allot of interesting and informative details on the history of Shamanism and Shamanic Practice. 

shamanic journeying

“The Beginner’s Guide to Shamanic Journeying”, By Sandra Ingerman, ISBN: 978-1591799436

This book will give you the basics in regards to the Power Animal Journey, the 3 worlds and a general description and explanation of Shamanic Journeying. It also includes a CD with a couple of short drum tracks, which are ideal for beginners. The drum track quality could be better, but this is still a great place to start.