Ritual & Ceremony

*This page is intended for private rituals and ceremonies for clients. If you are looking for scheduled group rituals or ceremonies please see the Calendar of Events page for the current year or contact me with what you have in mind and we can go from there.

I’m available by appointment to facilitate journeys, blessings, rituals & ceremonies unique to each individual, family and/or property. Blessings, rituals and ceremonies can be facilitated on site (in person) and some can be facilitated remotely (long distance).

Some examples of events that may call for blessings, rituals and ceremonies are below:

  • Death & Dying: Death comes in many forms and is not always relative to the death of a human or animal. Through our lives we experience many “deaths” and “births” such as the death of a habit, thought form, block, relationship, etc. These deaths can serve as an initiation rite and/or rite of passage where some old part of you dies/is put to rest so that you can move forward on your life’s journey. Typically these sorts of rituals and ceremonies are supported by working with the elements of Earth, Air, Fire &/or Water to release and transmute that which is ready to be transformed. When we’re looking at the death of a human or animal the goal of the deceased is to cross over from our plain into the next phase of their journey to the Land of Dead. In order for this to occur they must 1st reconcile their life. Some are able to achieve this easily while others can get stuck in-between the worlds and in this case they need some assistance from those of us who still have free will to fully cross over. Once the dead have completed their journey through the Land of the Dead they can come back and support us in a helpful way, until then the presence of their Spirit can cause disharmony and dis-ease within the lives of the living (also see Spiritual Blockages & Ancestral Healing under “Shamanic Healing Sessions”). Sometimes the additional support needed requires that the disembodied spirit dissolve their attachments to the living and/or that the living dissolve their attachments to them. This can be carried out through ritual and ceremony to support the release of grief by the living and/or to open the gates to the other worlds for the dead.


  • Home & Land: From a shamanic perspective for us to create and maintain harmony and balance we need to tend our relationships with those in the spirit world and in honoring the spirit that exists within all things. We as a people have become divorced from many of these practices over the years and often don’t give a thought to the spirits that steward the lands that we walk and live upon. It’s kind of like having a relationship with another person and one person listens and the other speaks and acts. Imagine what you could co-create if each person could listen and speak and act in service to other. When we move into a new home or come into relationship with a piece of land, it’s mutually beneficial to you and the spirits of the land to establish a line of communication, as well as address any imbalances which can include clearing energy and/or spirits who are not helpful. Also see “Land, House & Space Clearing”


  • Healing Ceremony: Healing ceremonies offer an opportunity for multiple people within a family or community to receive shamanic healing in the same session. In this way we address imbalances/dis-ease within the family dynamic.


  • Birth & Beginnings: Blessings set our focus and intentions for what we call in, attract and in turn how we are supported in our endeavors. For new babies I offer birth blessings in the form of conducting a journey off-site to connect with the soul of the child and relay any information they would like to impart on their parents and/or family, if the family lives locally then we would also gather for an in person blessing to honor this beings choice to come into the world and to request the presence and aide of their helping spirits to protect and support them on their path. For other types of beginnings I conduct a journey on your behalf to retrieve support in the form of a helping spirit. The client can then continue to work with this helping spirit to aide them in the growth of that which they have birthed.


Fees vary depending on the complexity of each blessing, ritual or ceremony. I offer phone consultations by appointment at no charge if you’d like to discuss the possibility of working together contact me 707-397-0018 or complete the form below. Please allow 4-5 business days for a response.