Healing Sessions

Shamanic healing can restore your sense of power, wholeness, and give you renewed strength and purpose in your daily life.  Unlike conventional methods of treatment which often address the symptoms of illness, imbalance, and blocks, shamanic healing addresses the energetic components and underlying cause making other forms of treatment more effective and often providing relief and resolution when other methods of treatment have been unable to resolve the issue.

Generally speaking, illness, disease, and disharmony, whether internal or external, are messengers. They let us know when our attention is needed in some area of our life or environment. In this way, illness and imbalance are doorways to transformation, and good health rooted in flexibility, acceptance, openness to change, availability for transformation, and groundedness.

From a shamanic or animistic perspective illness first takes root in the spiritual body and when left untreated manifests into a physical, emotional, mental, and/or environmental imbalance. It’s important to note that all healing is self-healing. In other words, a person must be willing and ready to take full responsibility for his or her own health and well-being — there are no quick fixes. Healing is a process that often unfolds over time and the long-term benefits are largely dependent upon a person’s readiness and willingness to carry out the self-healing work and make the necessary changes in their life to support long-term growth and health.

There are a few primary sources of imbalance and accompanying methods of restoring health described below. The following is offered only for descriptive purposes and not as a guide for self-diagnosis.

  • Power Loss/Retrieval: Power loss has an effect on our ability to self-motivate, self-govern, and thrive. In other words, if we are leaking or lacking our vital energy or “power”, then our ability to discern, protect, and heal is compromised. Power Retrieval may involve dissolving old ties and energy, as well as retrieving and returning power to the client that may have been lost, misplaced, taken, or hidden. Symptoms of power loss may include… chronic fatigue, lack of purpose, depression, poor boundaries, overwhelm, stagnancy/lack of vital energy, and/or a series of misfortunes.
  • Soul Loss/Retrieval: Soul loss occurs when a person, place, or animal experiences something difficult and/or traumatic such as separation, abuse, violence, neglect, surgery, or the loss of a loved one. When the trauma occurs a part of our soul may split from our body. This essence takes with it our vital energy and unique qualities that would otherwise support us in living healthy and meaningful lives. In many traditional cultures, Soul Loss is viewed as the primary cause of illness and imbalance. In Soul Retrieval work, the lost essence is located, healed, and returned to the client. The effects of soul retrieval vary. Some people feel a sense of wholeness and purpose, increased energy, and creativity, others experience emotions they haven’t felt since the soul essence left and/or was hidden, those with physical, mental, and emotional illnesses may become well. There are many factors to consider, but this gives you a general idea. Symptoms of soul loss may include… memory loss, disassociation, feeling split, incomplete or not fully here, chronic or terminal physical illness, depression, suicidal tendencies, PTSD, “Soldiers Heart”, persistent grief over an extended period of time, consistent fear/anxiety, consistent feelings of apathy or numbness, addiction and/or a feeling of watching your life from the outside.
  • Dis-Entanglement: Dis-entanglement involves clearing and unraveling energies that are blocking or binding us in some way. They typically come in 3 forms; cords, curses, and contracts. Symptoms of entanglements past life or present may include… chronically feeling stuck in general or in a particular area of your life, difficulty in relationships, feeling drained in relation to a person, place, or event, consistent patterns of emotional or mental discord, inability to motivate one’s self, resistance to completing projects, goals, or tasks.
  • Extraction & Compassionate Spirit Release:  A person who has experienced soul loss or other traumas may find that they have become a host to misplaced energy, suffering beings, or entities. These energies are compassionately extracted, cleared, and released. Suffering beings may live off a person’s energy and influence them in a variety of ways… Illness, depression, substance abuse, phobias, emotional problems, suicidal tendencies, and other issues may be in part due to the influence or overshadowing of energies that have become hosted with the client.
  • Ancestral Healing/Clearing: Ancestral healing involves addressing many of the imbalances mentioned above, however, it’s the Ancestors from which you have descended that receive the healing which in turn clears the pattern for you and the descendants. Ancestral patterns can affect us physically, emotionally, mentally, and/or spiritually. Some patterns are more obvious than others, such as illnesses that have been passed down from generation to generation. However, there are many cases where a person doesn’t recognize an imbalance as being related to their Ancestors as we come into this life with the pattern and therefore can see or experience it as being part of us. There are a few common symptoms of Ancestral imbalances including …physical, emotional, or mental illnesses or patterns that present in the family line, strong feelings of resistance or an inability to move past resistance. Here is a link to an article written about this specific form of ancestral healing “Healing the Ancestral Lines” By Christina Pratt.


I never know exactly what will come up in a healing session and work in close partnership with my Helping Spirits to assess and treat the origin of illness and imbalance. This ensures that each client receives exactly what they need at the time of their appointment. My Helping Spirits are composed of a team of compassionate and benevolent spirits & Ancestors with whom I have tried and trusted relationships with.

Shamanic/Energy healing is not a substitute for conventional medicine or psychological therapies.


Healing Sessions

In-person (Arcata California) or Long Distance sessions by appointment

2 hours ……… $275

Long-distance sessions are offered online via Zoom or by Phone Appointment. In-Person sessions are currently only offered on Saturdays.

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If finances are a consideration or if we’ve recently worked together and you are seeking integration support a 60-minute Clinic Session is an option.

Phone Consultation

If you would like to discuss why you’re seeking healing, which session type would be best suited for your intentions, want to see if we are a good fit, or if you have follow-up questions related to a recent session; I offer 30-minute consultations by phone appointment. A consultation is not required to book a session.

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Assessments (Diagnostic Journey)

If you’re a new client or are unsure of how you might benefit from a healing session an assessment can be a great place to start. An assessment is a diagnostic journey I take for informational purposes with my Helping Spirits to explore the root cause of a particular issue or imbalance, and to discern what healing can be facilitated on your behalf, as well as what steps you can take on your behalf to support resolving the issue. In this way, you can make a more informed decision about how to move forward. For an Assessment appointment, we’ll spend 15 minutes or so discussing what your intentions are in seeking healing at this time, then I’ll dialogue with my Helpers and narrate the details of their assessment to you. There’s often time before we close for you to ask follow-up questions if you have them. I offer Assessments online via Zoom or by phone appointment.

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