Clinic Sessions


by Phone Appointment

Cost: $75 – $150 self-determined sliding scale

From an animistic perspective illness/imbalance first takes root in the spiritual body and when left untreated manifests into a physical, emotional, mental, and/or environmental illness. There are a few primary sources of imbalance and accompanying methods of restoring health.

Your session could include one of the following:

  • Power Retrieval
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Emotional Energy Clearing
  • Extraction of misplaced energy
  • Drum Journeying
  • Divination (mediumship)

I never know exactly what will come up in a healing session, as I  rely on my Helping Spirits to accurately assess and address the origin of illness/imbalance. My “Helping Spirits” are composed of compassionate and benevolent spirits with whom I have a long-standing and working partnership with. We work together to ensure each client receives what they need at the time of their appointment to restore balance, vitality, and overall health and well-being.

It’s important to note that all healing is self-healing. In other words, a person must be willing and ready to take full responsibility for their own healing—there are no quick fixes. Healing is a process that often unfolds over time and the long-term benefits are largely dependent upon a person’s readiness and willingness to carry out the self-healing work and make the necessary changes in their life to support long-term growth and health.

Clinic sessions are approximately 60 minutes and are held by phone appointment only. Appointment availability is on a first come first serve basis.

*Payments & Cancellation Policy: Clinic Sessions are $75-$150 self-determined sliding scale and payment is due upon booking. Your payment conveys your commitment and reserves your appointment slot. If you cancel less than 72 hours in advance of your appointment your payment is forfeited. Details of what to have with you, call in number, and how to submit your payment will be provided upon booking.

If you’re a new client please review the clinic session pre-requisites and complete the intake form below.

Pre-Requisites to participate in the Clinic:

  1. You maintain stable housing and your basic needs are met (food, clothing, etc.)
  2. You have a support system in place (such as family, loved ones and/or a Therapist.)
  3. You’ve not been hospitalized for a mental or emotional illness within the last year.
  4. You’ve completed the Client In-Take Form and submitted the minimum clinic session donation after I’ve confirmed my receipt of your intake form.

If you don’t meet the pre-requisites above, are in crisis, or have a complex health issue I invite you to consider exploring a Healing Session. Spiritual healing is not a substitute for conventional medicine or psychological therapies.

I reserve the right to decline service at any time. In such cases, fees paid in advance will be refunded.

Confidential Clinic In-Take Form

I’ll reply to your In-Take form with appointment availability.