Divination (Mediumship)

I offer Divination Readings by phone or audio recording. In a reading I work in partnership with my helping spirits to access guidance on your behalf specific to your situation, intentions and goals. Something to consider in seeking Divination is that this practice is intended to support a person or person(s), as is the case with a business, in making more informed decisions. The Helping Spirits I receive information from on your behalf, are not here to make decisions for us, more so to give us insight to help us make more informed decisions with the larger picture put into perspective. For instance let’s consider the metaphor of life as a baseball game. Your perspective is from the view of a player on the field and the perspective of the Helping Spirits is from the view of being in the bleachers where they can see the entire field and beyond. In essence they can see and sense the bigger picture where your view is focused primarily on the field.

It’s important that clients be clear in what their intentions are in receiving a reading. What is your desired outcome for your reading? I suggest focusing on one area of interest per reading.

Common reasons for seeking Divination are to:

  • Explore and receive clarity around a situation, experience or relationship. This can be any situation going on in your life that’s relevant to you.
  • Track and locate missing items, humans and animals.
  • Explore the root cause of imbalances, conflict, health concerns and blocks.

Please note I will not journey on behalf of someone with whom I do not have explicit permission from.  For example if your question is “How does my partner feel about our relationship?” or “What changes can my partner make to improve our relationship?” I’m going to get a blank, because I’ve specifically asked my Helping Spirits not to give me information that is not within the bounds of whomever I have permission to journey for. An example of good questions would be, “What steps can I take in my life now to maintain a healthy relationship?”, “What steps can I take in my life now to maintain balance and harmony within my relationship with my partner.” Another example would be if you were considering 2 options around taking a new job or moving into a new home. I would journey on “What does your energy look like if you take this job? What lessons will you learn?” and then would do the same for the other option and then you would be given the information to assist you in making an informed decision.

I typically conduct readings remotely. Remote readings include a phone appointment to discuss your situation and to form questions that I will ask my Helping Spirits on your behalf. I take the journey as I have time in my schedule, narrate the reading into an audio recorder, and email you a link to download the audio recording when it’s complete.

For a phone reading we would set up a 1 1/2 hour appointment where I do the reading while you’re on the phone.

Dinvination Reading Fee …. $125

If you’re interested in a reading, please complete the form below or contact me by phone 707.357.5869. Please allow 4-5 business days for my reply.