Spirit Wisdom Teachings



The Spirit Wisdom teachings are a co-creation between human and Spirit. I’ve worked closely with my helping spirits to design courses and programs that support the deepening of our relations with the Natural world, land and helping beings who reside in the unseen realms of existence. The message my helpers have conveyed has been very clear… “We are here to support humanity, we just need people to talk to us and listen.”

If we go back far enough we all have indigenous ancestors who worked with some form of entering an altered state as a means of communicating and building working partnerships with the Spirit that resides within all of creation. They understood that establishing and tending these relationships were vital in ensuring the survival of all life on the planet.

All Spirit Wisdom teachings are taught from an Animistic perspective in that everything is in relationship with everything else… in short we, they are all connected and inter-dependent. Furthermore, the teachings are rooted in the practice of journeying as a means of entering an altered state by way of percussion (drumming, rattling, etc.). The percussion journey is a very reliable means of establishing direct connection with the Spirit world . It offers a simple discipline that when observed and put to use enables the journeyer to travel to the unseen worlds safely to receive unique guidance and healing.

If you’re ready to navigate your life with greater heart and wisdom, the Spirit Wisdom teachings are here to support you on your unique path.

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