Spirit Wisdom: Thriving in Changing Times


2021 – 2022 Dates TBA

6 month program held via conference call

In this 6 month highly experiential program participants will cultivate spiritual immunity, learn how to tap into their inner light, establish working partnerships with the land, Nature, and heal from the inside out.

This program is taught from an animistic perspective around wellness and interconnectedness. An “animistic” approach to thriving asks us to take responsibility for ourselves and how we direct our energy into the world. This includes how we tend ourselves, our relationships with others, and the natural world.

Prior journeying experience is recommended.

If you have any questions contact the program facilitator Heather O’Connell  (707) 397-0018 or email heather@hearthoftheheart.org.

Dates & Times

Sessions will be held monthly on the following Sundays from 11am – 2pm via conference call.

Session One: Being in Relationship Part I

Session Two: Being in Relationship Part II

Session Three: Divination

Session Four: Walking in Light

Session Five: Inner Landscaping

Session Six: Integration & Coming Home




Tuition & Payment

Tuition… TBA

Small group setting – Space is limited to a maximum of  8 participants.

I reserve the right to cancel the participation of any student at any time for any reason. In such case fees paid in advance for sessions not attended will be pro-rated and refunded. 


Session Descriptions

Session One & Two: Being in Relationship

In Being in Relationship Part I & II, we’ll explore how to cultivate conscious relationships with Humans, Plants, Animals, Land, Elements, and more! When we form intentional relationships, we bring to life gifts and treasures within us and all around us. This is where the magic happens! We’ll cover key principals of how one can practice being in a conscious relationship and then we’ll embark on a series of drum journeys to receive guidance & healing directly from the Plants, Animals, Land, and Elements themselves.

Session Three: Divination – Wisdom of the Heart & Soul

In Divination – Wisdom of the Heart & Soul we’ll explore the practice (and art) of accessing the wealth of wisdom available to us from the Spirit World to answer questions, receive insight, find lost objects, and more. When done well a person is able to receive clear guidance and apply the information and experience into their life. This process requires trust and boundaries when approaching the Spirit World. We’ll cover a few key topics such as forming clear questions, ethics, and divination tools. Then we’ll move into the journey itself to discover how Divination can support you in meeting your intentions and goals.

Session Four: Walking in Light

In Walking in Light we’ll engage in a series of exercises and journeys to put you into direct connection with your divine essence and Highest Self. Your Highest Self represents your inherent connection to the Divine and the light within all of creation. Working with them helps to transcend the ego, build immunity to taking on lower energies such as psychic litter, and helps us tap into our unlimited individual and collective potential.

Session Five: Inner Landscaping

In Inner Landscaping we’ll embark on a series of guided meditations to discover the map of our unique inner gardens and learn how to assess and address common imbalances that can cause you to feel weighed down, ungrounded, and stuck. When we begin to relate to our inner world and body as a landscape that can be tended and nurtured, we have a unique opportunity to weed, plant, cultivate, and self-heal from the inside out!

Session Six: – Integration & Coming Home

In our final session Integration & Coming Home, we’ll explore practices to support the integration and continuation of personal and spiritual work. Each quest, each journey, each step we take in life has a beginning and an end to be marked, honored and celebrated. Then the question becomes what do we “do” with our experience and what we’ve learned? How do we process, integrate, and incorporate it into our daily lives, our hearts, and our homes? We’ll discuss approaches to integrating personal and spiritual experiences before embarking on a journey to support you in marking endings and beginnings.