The future of The Yew Tree Shamanic Healing…

The Yew Tree Shamanic Healing has been the name and placeholder of my practice for more than 10 years. Yew Trees are ancient beings, their medicine and wisdom are vast. What some of you don’t know is that my connection to the Yew is actually quite personal. When I was choosing a name for my practice of working with others, I wanted to choose a name that embodied my soul connection to the Spirit world and the work my helpers and I were facilitating and so it was only natural that The Yew Tree BE that placeholder and Bear the mascot.

Over the years of working with clients and teaching students, I’ve come to understand with the help of my helping spirits, that this work is anything but my own and is beyond any label I or you may place on spiritual practices that define approaches to being in right relationship and healing. In short, the times that we’re living in call for us to be flexible, inclusive, open-minded/hearted, and committed to evolution within and without. They ask us to let go of the containers, boxes and the literal world in which we live, to allow ourselves to be curious and guided by an open and wise heart.

On or around February 1, 2020 “The Yew Tree Shamanic Healing” will metamorphize into “Hearth of the Heart”.

A hearth is many things: a place for solitude… a source of identity… a place we cultivate and share with others… a history of ourselves and our homes… It is the fixed center we return to in mind, body, spirit, and soul and is by its very nature, portable. Hearth is, in short, the perfect metaphor for what we seek in these complex and contradictory times. The heart is our compass, it compels us to do, say and act from a place of love and compassion for ourselves, each other and all of life. The heart holds the wisdom and capacity to guide us individually and collectively to balance, harmony, and health. And there you have it… Hearth of the Heart is born.

In February the name on the The Yew Tree’s FaceBook page will be changed to Hearth of the Heart , the Yew Tree’s website will re-direct to and all promotional emails and correspondence will go through a new email address I invite you to add this new email address to your contacts if you’re on the email list and would like to ensure that you continue to receive announcements of upcoming events. I look forward to embarking on this adventure with all of you. As always thank you for all that you are and all that you bring to the circle.

with love and gratitude,