The Spirit of Cannabis: Reclaiming Relationship

artwork by Angel O’Grady of Mountain High Pharms

Sunday, January 1st 11am – 4pm PST

Location: Zoom

Pre-registration with payment required – Class is FULL

This highly experiential workshop invites those of us who work with Cannabis and other plants personally or professionally an opportunity to learn and explore how to work in partnership with the Spirit of plants – in this case, Cannabis. 

In this special shorter version of The Spirit of Cannabis workshop material, we will focus on cultivating resilience, finding balance, and reclaiming the soul of our relationship with Cannabis.

In this workshop you can expect to:

  • Establish a direct connection and dialogue with the Spirit of Cannabis for guidance and healing.
  • Explore healing individual and collective Cannabis-related grief and trauma.
  • Embark on a meditative adventure to learn about your unique relationship with Cannabis from past lives to the present.
  • Move forward from this workshop with renewed strength and purpose in your relationship with Cannabis.

This is substance-free event. Please abstain from alcohol and other plant medicines a minimum of 12 hours prior. Additionally, I suggest abstaining from consuming psychoactive Cannabis a minimum of 4-6 hours prior to participating. 

Cost: *$85 

*If finances are a consideration and you feel deeply called to participate in this workshop you are welcome to pay whatever you can afford. A monetary exchange does need to occur to confirm your registration.

To register contact complete the form below AND submit your payment using one of the payment options below to reserve your spot. Please review the payment terms here before registering.

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