Community Transfiguration Ceremony

chamber of light

Friday, September 6th 6:30pm-8:30pm

Eel River Holistics – Redway, CA

Embody and embrace the light within you and all of creation…

Transfiguration literally means shapeshifting. In this ceremony we work with the power of presence and focus to shapeshift into our divinity and become pure light. When we shine our light into the world this energy creates transformation. The practice of transfiguration moves our awareness from the ego and perceived separateness into the truth of our unity with all of creation and attunes us to healing energies. When we see ourselves, each other and all that is around us in divine perfection we’re able to heal toxic energies and trauma by transfiguring them into pure light and love.

We’ll begin by embarking on a drum journey to prepare and then we’ll move into the ceremony itself.

Suggested Donation $15. RSVP Required contact (707) 397-0018 to reserve your spot.