4 class series – Mondays August 15th, 22nd, 29th, Sept 12th

6pm-8:30pm PST

Cost: $125-$165 self-determined sliding scale

Location: Live on *Zoom

*Reliable internet or phone service required*

Pre-Registration with payment required


In this highly experiential class series we will explore the magic and mystery of waterways. Every river, stream, creek, section of Ocean, and so on have their own unique team of spirit guardians, seen and unseen inhabitants, history, presence, and magic to be received, honored, and blessed. Our focus will be on connecting to 3 very special “in-between” areas where rivers meet the ocean on the Coast of Mendocino California including Big River, Albion River, and the Navarro River. These “in-between” places hold a wealth of magic, mystery, and healing potential. That said, the value of what you will learn and experience in this series is universal and can be applied to working with waterways in any geographical area.

As a participant you can expect to: 

  • Meet the helping spirits of place and learn directly from them about the history, magic, Ancestral connection, and gifts of each waterway.
  • Explore the mystery and lore of Selkie’s, Merfolk, and Guardian Water Spirits.
  • Learn how to communicate directly with the compassionate Fae & Elemental water spirits for guidance, healing, and enhanced connection.
  • Learn general ethics and protocols for meeting and greeting waterways. 
  • Explore what your unique role is in maintaining harmonious partnerships with the waterways in your area. 
  • Perform a ceremony to honor and bless the waterways where you live.

You may be wondering why this series is being held on Zoom as opposed to in person. I will explain more over the course of the series, but in short, in my experience visiting sites remotely offers a safe and effective opportunity to get a birds-eye view so to speak, and to feel the full power and potential of a site without the potential distractions or interference that can present when working on site.

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