A Hearth is many things, a place to call home, the fixed center from which we navigate our lives, a place where we gather with our friends, loved ones, and community to mark the changing seasons and cycles of our lives. The Heart is our compass, compelling us to speak and act from a place of love, compassion, wisdom, and respect for ourselves and all of life.  

At Hearth of the Heart, we provide a safe space for your healing process, gifts, and practices to deepen and unfold. A space in both mind and heart where you can warm yourself by the Fire, be seen, heard, supported, nourished, challenged, replenished, come home to your Self again and again, and learn how to navigate your life from a place of deep connection, heart, and greater wisdom.

For those who are seeking guidance and clarity around a particular subject, direction in life, or who wish to communicate with a deceased loved one we offer Divination Readings, for those who have lost their creative spark, are seeking to heal from trauma, clear persistent blocks or patterns, and/or other physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual imbalances we offer Healing Sessions, and for those who are interested in one on one personalized journeying, self-healing techniques, support with their business, or on their spiritual path we offer Mentorship Sessions

We also offer highly experiential classes, workshops, circles, and ceremonies with a diverse focus including self-healing, Cross-Cultural Healing methods, Plant Spirit Wisdom, Spiritual Land Stewardship, Mediumship, deepening of our relations with the Ancestors, Nature, Land, Spirit World, and more. Visit our  Calendar of Events for upcoming classes.

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Healing Arts