“Heather O’Connell is the one of the most innovative teachers I have trained. I am constantly impressed of how she finds ways to keep taking her students into deeper places into themselves and the unseen realms.

Heather’s work is truly brilliant. I love the energy she puts into her personal work and into the practices she shares with others. She is a fiery spirit, clear communicator, and such a loving soul. I would love to take a course with Heather one day!”

~ Sandra Ingerman, MA renowned shamanic teacher and author of 12 books including Medicine for the Earth and The Book of Ceremony

Heather’s grasp and ownership of the subject matter and the power of her presence, so full of love and caring for us all is very moving and made a deep impression on me.

~ Gretchen A. 

Many positive experiences via private sessions and workshops over the last few years have changed my life for the better. Heather is a sincere practitioner.

~ Richard H. 

Since the workshop, I’ve had a breakthrough. I can’t quite explain it but I’ve been in a deep experience of presence since that weekend. I FEEL the ground under my feet when I’m walking, I SEE the beauty around me, I SMELL the pine and earth or my morning coffee….I TASTE every bite I eat and I LISTEN to all of the sounds of nature or I really LISTEN to people who are talking to me. I am in each moment fully experiencing it all…..kind of like a little child.


The amazing Soul Retrieval Heather and her spirit helpers provided to me completely opened up a new me and prepared me for what was to come in our world. After that beautiful gift I was given I really started going inward to heal and make changes in my life. Everything is opening up and healing. It’s exciting and painful at the same time. Each piece of growth gives me the desire and courage to keep moving forward.
Instead of my old patterns of shutting down and suffering immensely, I pick my self up go inward and have started a daily spiritual, self care practice. I am upright, standing and doing better every day.

~ L.C.

Heather is one of the best teachers I’ve ever worked with. She is so real, so thoughtful, so pleasant, and so calmly confident in her journeying understanding and expertise. In her class, I learned so much about myself, about journeying, and about being a leader. Heather has changed my life, and I’m forever grateful.

~Teja Watson

Heather came into my life at the perfect time. When she taught her short intro class at the Women’s Herbal Symposium I knew I wanted to learn more. I felt the call to go deeper. A couple of years into our teacher/mentorship, I can easily say her offerings have helped shape my healing journey in a way I couldn’t have dreamt before. Offering me basic concepts of grounding, boundaries, how to ask questions and set intentions (without a bajillion words in the mix)… How to tap into and feel that inner playful light, how to see, feel and be in deeper connection with our allies around us.

~ Katrina D.